2016 Rally

In the wake of the tragic murders of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Philando Castile in St. Paul, Minnesota; and the police officers in Dallas, Texas, the leadership and the congregants of churches within the Greater Washington area decided to join forces and led the Stand Up! Make the Covenant Rally. The rally was held in remembrance of the lives lost and in solidarity with the community and law enforcement.

Our Research

President Barack Obama, through the Department of Justice (DOJ) established the “President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing” in December 2014 to identify best practices and offer recommendations on how policing practices can promote effective crime reduction while building public trust. The task force submitted its final report to the President in May 2015 with specific recommendations and action items informed by experts and practitioners in the field.  A subsequent implementation guide was also released in October 2015 as a companion to the task force report to provide guidance on implementing the task force’s 59 recommendations and 92 action items. We in turn incorporated these best practice recommendations as well as other standards around community policing into scorecards for each police department in the greater Washington area. Each scorecard evaluates and rates its requisite police department on a scale of 0-3 based on its level of implementation of the previously mentioned recommendations.