Join The Movement

Below is a list of volunteer positions along with the roles and responsibilities for each position within Make The Covenant.  Once you have reviewed each position and their corresponding roles and responsibilities please click the Get Involved tab and sign up to join the movement.

Team Leader

The primary responsibilities of the Team Leader is to:
1. To manage and oversee all of the components of the organization
2. To provide vision and directives for all initiatives
3. Responsible for creating new roles as necessary
4. Set goal deadlines for the entire team
5. Monthly meetings with Reid Temple Staff to update the church leadership on the organization’s projects and upcoming events

Media and Public Relations Team Members

The primary responsibilities of the Media and Public relations team is to:
1. Planning publicity strategies and campaigns.
2. Writing and producing presentations and press releases
3. Creating and managing a social media presence
4. Handling inquiries from the public, the press, and related organizations.
5. Organizing promotional events.
6. Preparing and supervising the production of publicity, handouts, direct mail leaflets, promotional videos, photographs, films, and multimedia programs
7. Devising and coordinating photo opportunities
8. Maintaining and updating the website and the website information
9. Organizing events that foster relationship between the church, community, and police

Membership Growth

The primary responsibility of Membership Growth team member is to:
1. Develop and implement strategies for membership growth
2. Expand the network of donors and financial contributors
3. Plan and create events specifically for the growth and expansion of the organization
4. Oversee all partner databases
5. Communicate all important information to members and partners

Training Coordinator

The primary role of the Training Coordinator individual is to:
1. Managing and facilitating de-escalation, policing philosophy, and fear training’s
2. Creating and managing dates for training’s as well as partnering with police departments to schedule officers for the training’s.
3. Create innovative ideas for police training to be presented to police departments and police academies
4. Provide departments with bias, racism, and violence tests and analysis tools
5. Provide police development critiques and alternatives.
6. Create innovative training’s that help to foster healthy relationships between police and community members

Statistics Analyst

The primary responsibility of the Statistical Analyst:
1. Managing and reviewing police complaints
2. Identifying arrest trends
3. Providing data that supports Bill proposals
4. Tracking data of for arrests and police confrontations
5. Tracking data for police department hires and police academy trainees
6. Track data for disciplinary actions given to police officers

Legal Team

The primary responsibility of the Legal Team is to:
1. To build a network of law firms who will provide legal counsel and/or representation to community persons in need of it
2. Provide a directory for members and community persons to have access to in case of emergency or need
3. To oversee all legal aspects of the organization

Community Liaisons

The primary responsibility of the Community Liaisons is to:
1. On ground presence in the community
2. Build relationships with officers, community persons, and clergy
3. Responds to urgent situations and crises that occur in relation to police and community
4. Represent the organization at town hall meetings and other important community gatherings

Community and Police Review Board

The primary responsibility of the Community and Police Review Board is to:
1. Organizing and manage a board of community members, leaders, and former officers to review and revise policing policies
2. To review data from the Statistics Analyst and create and present new policing policies
3. Review and vote on new legislation that is being presented to the Mayor’s office

Website Manager

The primary responsibilities the Website Manager is to:
1. To monitor and update information on the website as needed
2. To communicate the names and information of those who join Make The Covenant with the Membership Growth team on a weekly basis
3. To ensure that the site is comprehensive and easy to navigate