Stand Up! Make the Covenant, is an accountability pledge between the Christian church and the community for peace and justice within black communities. “As Christians, we believe a Covenant – or promise – , exists between God and His People that is made possible through Jesus Christ. Therefore, we created Make the Covenant as a symbolic commitment between two groups who need one another to live in justice and in peace,” explained, Rev. Matthew Watley, executive minister of Reid Temple AME Church.  

WHAT:  Through the Make the Covenant pledge, citizens of the community will be encouraged to commit to empowering one another and taking action within their neighborhoods. In addition, the Make the Covenant pledge will encourage local and federal government officials and law enforcement to commit to protect and serve without bias, thus helping to fortify and uplift communities of color. 

•    To answer the cry for help from the most vulnerable members of our great nation;
•    To Take A Stand against the violence that is tearing our communities apart;
•    To Take A Stand  against the senseless loss of life that is draining us of our future leaders;
•    Because protecting the lives of our citizens and our protectors is our common responsibility;
•    To promote peace and to commit to surviving for one another; and
•    To join in covenant to do our part to rebuild, protect and sustain strong ,peaceful neighborhoods.

WHO:  The leadership and the congregants of churches within the Greater Washington area. All persons regardless of faith, gender or race are encouraged to attend. 

WHEN:  Sunday, July 10, 3 – 5 p.m. ET 

WHERE:  Freedom Plaza | 1455 Pennsylvania Ave NW | Washington, DC 20004

FOLLOW: #MakeTheCovenant 

About Make the Covenant
Started in July 2016, Make the Covenant is an accountability pledge between the church and the community for peace and justice within black communities.